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Lessons On Living Your Best Life
From A Real Bitch
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Lola Schnoodle Dandelions
My Story

I come from a small town but made my way to the suburbs of Washington, DC, where I now live with my human family and my brother Fritz. We are lucky to have a grassy yard and a near-by park, where we go walking every day. While we do get good exercise, I also sleep a lot, preferably on piles of pillows, blankets, dirty laundry and sometimes even backpacks. I need a lot of sleep, because it's important to perform my job properly. As a shrewd observer of human behavior, I work as an emotional support animal. Truth be told, I am not certified as such, but my humans don't mind, as they know I am an excellent confidante. For hours every day, I accompany them, calm them down, and boost their joy.  Over time in this position, I learned a lot about life, such as how to stick up for myself, when to put my paw down, and what is most valuable in life. I am grateful that my humans helped me to get it all on paper, so I could share my tips with you.

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